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tv   [untitled]    June 1, 2012 10:30pm-11:00pm PDT

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in the note you received yesterday, a few items that were included. first, an additional amendment to planning code section 321, which is office allocation program. the current planning code subsection states that office allocations last for 18 months, and after 18 months the commission could consider revocation of that office allocation. the existing general entitlement for entitlements is usually three years. this is half as long. the plan before you is included in the proposed policy that states consider the complexity and size of projects when establishing the duration for large development projects. essentially the projects that could be entitled under this program are larger than typically found in san
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francisco, so they are complex financially and logistically. so this additional amendment would extend in this plan area the time to three years, and would give the commission the discretion to authorize an office allocation that will last for up to five years. the other item is additional language related to inkatha five section day at the end of the ordinance, which is not in the planning code ordinance that codifies an ordinance format for the various provisions regarding a transit tower project, should it be approved in the future. this relates to the upcoming provision of public access that would be provided by the tower
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project. with that, that includes the planning staff presentation. we recommend that you approve all of the draft resolutions before you. i believe the director would like to make closing remarks. thank you. >> thank you. in front of you was a memo submitted to you by the co- chairs of the task force. that was the task force that met several times over a two-year period to review the issues, and those co-chairs were gabriel metcalf and brought parad paul. this was requested by president david chilu. u. this included a number of people that were included on the task force, and the staff, and we
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reviewed current methodology. we reviewed the impact that have been approved, the shadow impact that was approved to date, of which there have been 13 approved since 1985. we reviewed the methodology. as you recall, there was much discussion about the process and the technical methodology that we use for analyzing shadows, and we had been looking at changes. as a result, there are three recommendations on the back of the page, which the task force is recommending to you. one is the department maintain current methodology, because the change did not result in a substantial difference in the actual analysis and was creating uncertainty in the community. no. 2, the staff present to you and the recreation and park commission, as well as the board, the total maximum shadow on property that would result from this plan. in other words, looking at it
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cumulatively. and thirdly, that you review the data from shadow impact within the planned area and consider whether or not he would approve of those collectively or individually as the projects move forward. there has been much discussion about whether you could or should approve them collectively. in any case he would have to approve them and allocate them for that direct project. a later date would be whether you approve that of a single meeting or a number of meetings in the future or some hybrid there of. finally, i just want to -- if you will bear with me, i think it is important for me to think a number people that have been involved in the process since it has been a five-year process that started long before i arrived. think it's important to thank my predecessor who was around when this started.
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i want to thank our partners, a mariaarity and bob beckers. -- maria aridty and bob beckers. all of the agencies have been an integral part of this. from staff, i would like to run down the names. josh has been a primary author and has done an extraordinary job on this. as a graph of a range of issues that i think are beyond most of us, certainly beyond me. sarah jones, who was the primary staff person managing who was a very complicated technical document. i think it is important for me to acknowledge josh and sarah on this. also, greg risen, randall dean, kevin guy. i want to say a word of thanks
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to mike criso who luckily is still around with us working on this project. julie and gillette from the mayor's office that have been working on this most recently in the city attorney that has been a very wise counsel on this. we really appreciate that very much. we do respectfully request you consider adoption of the plan today and allow us to move forward. thank you. >president' fong: any public comment on this item? i do have one speaker card. tamkia moss. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am the community planning policy director at per. not a lot of new things to say. we did want to come out and
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express support for this project and ask that you move it forward. spur recognizes the transit center district plan is an example of excellent planning in san francisco. we have advocated on behalf of the project because we believe the transit bay project will be transformative for the city in the region. this plan puts jobs in the right place and helps me the regional growth objectives in policy objectives. combining local and regional transit in one location, the transit district center plan is indeed the catalyst that will provide critical funding for the dtx, as well as the 2700 affordable housing units that the city desperately needs. we believe this plan also balances the benefits of creating a new district like this with the impact such as
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transportation and shadow and a way that continues to make our city a dynamic place. i urge the commission to certify the eir and . >> franciso decasta. >> commissioners, i want to state a few things from the many meetings from the people in this room. first and foremost, i am here representing the first people of this area, the [inaudible] . president of the planning
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commission for the director of the planning commission has had the opportunity to meet the chair person, rose mary. i was paying attention to all of the deliberations, and i want to remind you that this land belongs to miloni. this area, which recall the last frontier, the projects are initiated by cartelists and other developers. they have to remember that you have to do right by the people. i was listening to the mickey mouse explanation of proposition k. i was alive and kicking and
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voted for it. people come after us, and the mickey mouse -- this is what it is. thank god we have one or two commissioners that can speak to the truth. thank god. good leaders show the way. it has nothing to do with ceqa. it has something to do with you. you commissioners can do the right thing. only if you speak to the truth. but if you are manipulated by the machine, politics, corrupt developers, then it is on you. the 2008 economic downfall that is affecting us and will be affecting us for a long time is because of greed.
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this exists in this city and county of san francisco. mello roarouse, ifd's. redevelopment is gone, thank god. the successor to the san francisco redevelopment agency cannot produce one that document that the california department of finance agrees. back to you. thank you. >> thank you. sheet metal workers union 104. >> good afternoon, president fong, commissioners, madam clerk. speaking on behalf of our union into an francisco council. just here to say that we support
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the transit center area plan for several reasons. the wonderful benefits that it will provide and the amount of open space that i
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